New exciting announcement...?

Could it be…?
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.11.15.jpg

Excellent. By coincidence I found myself searching Google for news on Dorico earlier this morning (found nothing). Just felt things had been silent for a while…

Or maybe it’s about the video tutorial on Youtube today and John has a new haircut? :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s this:

Dorio 2!

Just WOW!

Is there and educational upgrade available? Or is the least expensive upgrade the one to the commercial version for 99,99 EUR?

Ok guys… This is HUGE !!!
We have some intensive re-learning to do : they have made impressive and massive improvements, I can’t believe it !

JESUS that is way larger in scope than I had imagined. Damn, you guys! And you kept almost all of it silent!

There is just one price for updates, regardless of whether you originally bought a full, crossgrade or educational license for Dorico 1.

Do I understand correctly that what we now have (read: version 1) is the “Pro” version?

Absolutely right, yes.

This looks like an amazing upgrade, and what an achievement in such a relatively short space of time! Everything looks as polished and well-thought-out as we’ve come to expect from the Dorico team.

Wait… No support for Yosemite?! Damn it!

Yes, unfortunately Mac OS X 10.11 is really the minimum version of Mac OS X on which Dorico 2 will run. Sorry!

It’s downloading now but initial thoughts are that 1) there’s a lot of ticks against my wishlist, 2) it’s a fair sight bigger than I was expecting and 3) Note Performer!

Can I presume that the Halion SE3 and Orchestra LIbraries are unchanged and don’t need to be downloaded?


You’ll want HSSE3 but not HSO

I know this is on me — and Dorico is far from the first software to leave me behind on this —, but I’m in the middle of something big and with a tight deadline, which is when you don’t want to change your setup one iota… And I really need some of the new features to properly tackle the deadline, too…

Dorico 2 Pro is chocked full of breathtaking new features. The feature set exceeds my expectations. Major congratulations to the team are in order.

Can’t wait to get this all going!

This is the approach of Sibelius of old: release an update when you have something substantial to release. I don’t mind paying for something when I get something in return, and this looks like a very substantial “something.” Congrats all around.

Dorico 2 uses a different version of the QTFramework that demands macOS 10.11. As such you’re never going to see Dorico 2 running in an earlier version of OSX. Fact.

Dear leo, as I said, I very well know this is entirely on me. I was just venting. I think all of us who depend professionally on computers know not to upgrade during critical times, and some composers on the dark side often depend on less stable pieces of software or on tools that, while very stable, can behave unpredictably with system upgrades. But I’ve jumped to Sierra, I’ve already entered my first slash notation region on Dorico 2 and I’ll make my rounds to make sure everything is okay with everything else!