New exciting announcement...?

I’m in somewhat the same boat. The critical edition on which I’ve been working for about 2 decades (on Finale, which was the only viable software then – other editors in that period were hand-writing their work) is finally scheduled to go to the engravers this fall, so I daren’t update my OS (because the version of Finale shared by me and my overseers then wouldn’t work). Unlike LSalgueiro however, I don’t “need” the new features – I just really really want to play with them.

Ah well, time will pass, and I’ll be able to make the jump in October or thereabouts… It all looks marvelous!

I wasn’t suggesting that you were ranting, or that you shouldn’t, LSalgueiro, just that there’s a reason that 10.11 is the minimum OSX/macOS version you can run Dorico 2 on, and that there isn’t an easy way around it.

We’re on the same page! I’m sure we’ll feel better performance from Dorico.

Edit — I can’t tell if it’s from the refreshed framework or if it’s the the gradual clearing of bottlenecks, but everything behaves faster and the graphics seem clearer in my non-retina display.