New Export Window - THANK YOU - and, one future addition to consider: Cycle Skips No-Data (Silence) Per Track

Thank you.

These are the sorts of things that MAKE ME MONEY by SAVING ME TIME.

One small addition that I realize that is pretty specific, but I’m sure other people have encountered when working with cycle marker exports - is inadvertently exporting unnecessary silence on sections of tracks that contain no data/events.

As you can see, the X would be an export of unnecessary silence that I would end up having to delete. Depending on the editing situation, for example, creating samples - this could result in a lot of deleting clean up afterwards.

It would be great if there was a tick box option to: Export Skips No-Data Within Cycle Per Track

Essentially, during cycle marker export, there would need to be a verification process between each cycle marker and each track, to cross examine if there is data with the range of the cycle marker. If not, it skips this particular instance and moves onto the next.

Another one: Select all tracks and groups that are routed directly to the master channel.

Not sure what you mean?

You could create a PLE/Macro for this that selects your master out, solos it (which will solo everything connected to it), and then selects all solo’d tracks/groups/etc in the project.

I included this request into this poll about audio export feature requests:
You should vote for it.