New Feature - Bending the Wave


I’m not sure if I’m addressing this correctly or not, but I have some audio (podcast) where I want to change the inflection in the middle of a sentence to make it sound like the sentence is ending instead of continuing. I think what that means is that I basically want to change the inflection from an increasing inflection to a level or decreasing inflection.

So maybe if I could grab the harmonics associated with the particular word and pull them down at the trailing end (instead of having them trend up), that might fix my issue, i.e., rotate them around the left endpoint, or somehow “bend” them - see image of rising harmonics. I’m sure that might cause other sound issues, but maybe a slight adjustment might work.

I’m not sure how to do that or if that is even the right approach to address the issue. But if it is the right approach, it might be a nice feature to have in the next release of Spectralayers.


I would try Melodyne or VariAudio