New feature - Insert empty bars/beats

I often want to insert a bar or beat across all tracks. The only way I can see to to this is to use the clumsy method “zoom in, highlight range, Edit | Range |Insert Silence”.

A command which, either from the left or the right of the locator, inserts a specified number of empty bars, beats or whatever the quantize size would be very useful to me.

Make a macro that do those sequences for you - is one way - then a key command that execute it.
If you often do one or more sequences, repeat, or make a couple you use often. Ctrl-Shift-Alt-1 do one bar, Ctrl-Shift-Alt-2 do two bars.

I would rather do that with arranger track

This exists as ‘insert bars’

@-steve-, Process Bars inserts bars only at the start position of any bar. It cannot insert 5 bars starting at beat 3 of bar 11. Therefore I use Insert Silence after I put locators to places I need using zooming and quantize settings. It works perfect even I need insert bars and beats or time.
The same on removing bars or selected (locators placed) area.

Another way to have empty space: Set the cursor at the position you want, Ctrl+A - will select all visible events, Alt+X - will split all visible events at the cursor position, Select from cursor to end, Ctrl+Right arrow (Nudge Right) - have as much empty space as you need (a beat or 10 bars).

If you are inserting a bar at beat 3, aren’t you effectively changing the time signature of whatever it is you are working on? So why not just insert bars after bar 11, and change the time signature of bar 11?

Exactly…there are many ways to accomplish this, as these seasoned users are explaining, so maybe no new feature is needed in this area. Spicey! :laughing: :mrgreen:

@ResonantMind, it was as an example about beat 3 and bar 11. And not all music is measurable in bars and beats. Right now I’m working on project where I need to use timecode. In this case using “Process Bars” don’t satisfy, because it doesn’t switch to timecode if main ruler switched to timecode. Why I accented to it? Because I need to not to change locator’s positions and insert a silence in one, two places. But using “Insert Silence” needs to change locator’s positions to where to insert silence. (Excuse me my English :slight_smile:

This method also allows you to insert empty quantize-size space as well as beats and bars.

Excellent - thanks very much everyone.

Oh okay, just use your selection tool across multiple tracks/the tracks you want to insert space into, your selection tool snaps to grid. If you use insert silence while you have a selection active, it bypasses the locators as the ‘insert silence’ range.

Does my above suggestion solve this for you?

I think I need to poke around with a macro or two to get that, but it’s probably a good way forward!!!

i use the" insert silence " command all the time,(and the other range edit menu delete,copy etc,) its better then cutting the events cuz it considers the tempo track as well so it wont do a mess if you got tempo dont need macro for this.only assign key commands,or use it from the menu

Coming from Logic Pro I had the same issue. Logic is able to do this i a very efficient way. After inserting any range of silence Logic calculates for you what type of signature is needed. At this point you have to choose between add or not the new signature to preserve time signatures. I added a screenshot. It would be nice if also Cubase would be able to do the same.
Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 18.39.09.png