NEW FEATURE REQUEST : Customized piano roll window

Hi Everyone !

I have a simple idea that might be what some would call a “killa feature” for those who use a lot of Vstis.
At least, i know that in my work flow, it would change everything.
The basic concept is to be able to customize the piano roll window. A little bit like the drum maps.
For example, i would be able to set a note as a Keyswitch, change its color to something noticable, and change its name so that I can remember what’s its function. It would also be possible to make keyswitches of keyswitches, so that one key could change display a new row of KS. The main idea behind this is to be able to mimick our favorites VSTis inside the piano roll, while keeping all the flexibility of the KS system.
Moreover, a KS played on a midi keyboard would instantly be considered as a KS, and not as a note.
We could also be able to change the name of the CCs, much like in the Quick controls panel, so that we know what they are doing.

This could all be saved as a “piano roll map”, and be chosen like we choose drum tracks preset, or expression maps.

I must point out that this would only be a drastic display enhancement. The midi infos sent to the instruments would be exactly the same.

We could also imagine a lot of enhancement with this, like copying only notes, or only KS…

Some might think this would be like a cheap expression map. But it’s completely different. Expression maps take several inputs and map them into one final KS, that’s why it’s not convenient for a lot of VSTis.
This would just be a tool to mimick our favorite vstis inside cubase. And i think it would be perfect, since it would
allow everyone to integrate our instruments inside cubase the way we want, with great flexibility.

I would absolutely love such change without a doubt (especially the named CC lanes)!! :sunglasses:

And since it’s purely some display changes, it wouldn’t be too hard to develop. At least, easiest than developing complicated new stuff like note expression for example, which I never used, since none of my vstis is compatible.

Steinberg ? Pleeeeeease ?