New Feature Request: Tablet integration

Hi …

I would like see if it would be possible to allow plug ins to be displayed and controlled from a tablet … iPad etc.

The advantage would be that it would free us from having to look at a (distracting) computer screen and mouse controls.

I notice that tablet integration seems to be gaining acceptance generally. While I personally have no interest in running WL from a tablet, integration … for things like display and control of plugs … could result in workflow efficiencies.

IMHO right now WL is buggy enough that to add more complexity with a wireless/bluetooth tablet would be a big mistake.

To each his own.

I personally don’t think I could manipulate plugin controls precisely and quickly enough to use on a tablet. A tablet could be nice for extra meters or something like that.

I remember seeing some 3rd party apps that allow you to use an iPad for an additional display with your computer.


Time to get back to the basics here and get this app out of the 90’s (UI) and hopefully back to the rock solid performer it once was.


Good point! You are almost certainly right.