New Feature Suggestion - Normalize by vocal phrase/event

Imagine recording a full vocal track and being able to normalize per each vocal phrase within 1 wav file - in other words, Cubase would go in per vocal phrase based on a silence threshold, grab each phase and, based on a percentage the user specifies, pushes each phase in the wav file up to a maximum of the normalized value or perceived LUFS value - this feature would be best utilized for a full vocal take or long contiguous wav file with several instances of varying vocal levels.

Of course, one can utilize compression to achieve similar effects or go in and edit. I am saying that by normalizing to a percentage amount per vocal phrase of a consolidated wav file would GREATLY simplify the process of applying compression to a given vocal track, instead of having to go in and edit per phrase, tedious automation, etc. Could be more practical for long narratives rather than for song forms.



Add the feature-request tag, please.

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