New Feature would be nice

Sure would like it if Cubasis input didn’t always default to Headphone Mic. I am recording through an interface and if I plug in the wrong earbuds all I hear is room noise. Had to buy a new set of earbuds just so I could monitor my recording on my iPad. Just have to remember I guess. Slim

Hi Slimbeaux,

I’m sorry but did not understand the use case / feature request exactly.
Please provide more details about the problem and feature request.


With respect, more details help identify issues…

What audio interface are you using?
Are you plugging in your earbuds (the one with the built in mic) to the interface or the iPad headphone jack?

In general, it’s an iOS feature that the most recently connected audio device takes priority. So the order you connect your audio interface, and the earbuds, makes a difference. iOS sees a new microphone (your earbuds) and that becomes the default audio input. Not a Cubasis issue really…