New features that we would like in Cubase 7 (Part-1)

New features that we would like in Cubase 7 (Part-2)



Hello, these are some new features that we would like in nuendo 6 and cubase 7, i have some ideas that i want to show you, how can I send them to you? how can i contact you?

I like being able to switch driver from the VST setup window, although realistically I don’t see people changing it that often.

The metering and graphs in the mixer look really sexy, but I doubt they’re big enough to actually do some accurate reading. Mono button on the master track is a big +1 though, always neater than having to insert a plugin that can do it. Before anyone mentions it: I have artist 6.5 so no control room :wink:.

With double click open a big window for every tool . yeah

  • allow custom folder for VST3s.
  • allow plug/unplug midi device without reboot cubase !!!

I like! Nice suggestions :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

sounds great¡ it will be very useful & we can work faster¡ :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a problem for me? I can unplug and replug my FantomX without trouble, it just disappears and reappears in Cubase as available device. Same goes for the audio interface, unplug, replug, no problem.

But that’s on a Mac… :mrgreen:

It’s been suggested elsewhere on this subforum, but with a few additions GA1 would be purrrrfect. Mono outs for me, please?

True mono bounce. Also discussed elsewhere.

Being able to see all your channel settings (eq/insert/aux) at once in the mixer window.

Please please please, give me the option to switch the channel EQ pre or post inserts (and aux, possibly). And don’t forget to include that on the FX and group tracks.

Btw, why not include dynamics on every channel? Saves having to instantiate, uninstantiate and reinstantiate a bloody plugin for generic stuff.

I’ve got a few more, be back later.

The biggest gripe for me is the be able to disable certain piano keys when programming MIDI notes.

For example, if I draw notes on a virtual piano screen in Cubase with my MOUSE, I would like to disable some of the notes that are not in the key of the song I am writing in. That way I don’t accidentally move a note there and waste my time.

It would make writing so much easier for me especially as a beginner.

Multi-touch support and separate window inside Cubase with assignable buttons for various commands and macros. This would be great for touch monitors.

For the in-built channel EQ dialogs, I’d like to see these options:-
accessible when choosing these dials as default:-
Maybe for the numbers (dB, Freq, Q), they could display on the tool-tip ‘mouse cursor hover’ pop-up - be even better of course if these could be dynamic too…!! Am I asking for luxury…?

Anyone else who’d like this…? Don’t use the standard SB channel EQ…? I find myself turning to them for convenience; quick, rough mixes can be had with little grief…

You can only ask… :wink:

2.) I think its been asked elsewhere many times, for some sort of spectrum analysis display right in the EQ window

3.) why not have a simple compressor built in on every channel (have you seen Harrison Mix-Buss software - just like their hardware consoles). Nice.

4.) Built in phase correlation meter in Master Channel; or maybe in Control Room…?


This is actually part#472 if you do a search on the forum, you will find just a few feature request threads. They are everywhere! :laughing:

Good Afternoon everyone,

This feature request is as follows:
Implement feature to allow the user a faster solution to select and show
plugin parameters in appropriate plugin automation lane.

It currently takes 6 clicks plus a headache to search through sometimes hundreds of parameters
depending on density of plugin. Some plugin developers do not always label the parameters the best either
and this makes it near impossible to find. By the time you do find it, your patience is up and musical ‘flow’ has just been broken.

Suggested Solution:
Example: Keyboard button + Mouse click on visual representative (knob, slider etc.) of desired parameter.
Cubase then expands/displays the automation lane for that particular parameter. Total amount of clicks? One. Instant satisfaction? PLENTY!

This is a feature request i feel needs to be addressed for the main reason that as a musician we need
to be able to maintain flow as best as possible. Technical operations should take no longer than they should IMO. Aside from that, software such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Studio One etc have had this feature in one way or another for some time now.

I have searched and trailed many alternatives but the only one i can come up with is write enabling the track, press play, move the paramater then delete ‘dummy’ automation but that’s 4+ actions which isn’t much better than 6.

Anybody with me on this one? :smiley:


Yamaha n12 (w/audio and MIDI)