New Features Wishlist

I am using Cubase with MR816CSX - I’d like to share that quality of the reverb and the compressor are amazing.

I’ve set up a-b comparisons between all of the Cubase reverbs & compressors - which are quite good IMHO, but where the Cubase effects are very good, the MR816 effects are perfect - rich, deep, pure, and professional - at least to my ears.

The interfaces are more utilitarian than those in Cubase, but WOW!

Maybe the software developers have an easier time with the specialized DSP chips in the MR816, where the Cubase developers must write algorithms that work within the confines of a computer - who knows? Don’t get this wrong, I’m not dissing the Cubase effects, I’ve always been very pleased with them. Now that I hear this, there is certainly a difference. It’s like hearing a musician play a piece that is really good, but then you hear a great musician play the same piece and you realize, “wow! that’s what it’s supposed to sound like”.

Wish #1
It would be awesome if Cubase could develop a multi band compressor for mastering using onboard compressors from the MR816 - I’ll bet that would sound amazing.

Wish #2
I just purchased iZotope Ozone mastering software - if you want to make your recording sparkle and sound really professional, this will do it. I’m sure everything to master is buried within Cubase - but honestly, who has time for all of this tweaking? It would be great if Cubase could assemble different Mastering Track Presets for Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, etc that would have multi band compressor, stero enhancer, reverbs, etc.

I’m sure everything to master is buried within Cubase - but honestly, who has time for all of this tweaking?

It’s what an engineer does. Go see anyone making an album or a film. Or, heaven forbid, an animation studio.
Artistry is all in the tweaking. That’s why a great musician sounds better than an ordinary musician. He has spent weeks tweaking the bits the ordinary guy didn’t even know was there.
Nobody said to Rodin “'Ere, mate don’t chip away wiv dat little hammer, I’ve got this massive bandsaw …”.

Bedrooms are for sleeping in.

That’s it! :slight_smile:

I don’t have weeks to tweak. Job, kids, wife, commute, band practice … How about a few nice mastering presets to get us rolling?