New fetures Better sound quality

To start I do actually like Cubase I use it :slight_smile: so pls dont hate me or shot me down

But please add better sounds it has some ok.

However My friend has Logic pro x and the sound quality is so good

he gives me files that kind of mix them selves… just standard stock sounds

just sound quality sounds so good :slight_smile:

He tells me to buy Logic :slight_smile:) but I like Cubase and I have some plugin instruments

But this is place you could make better,

Any one agree or am I totally mad

I would rather my DAW company concentrate on new features and better workflow than give me some new loop library, instrument or plugin.

Yes Apple (logic) owns a large Apple loops library and yes the stock plugins are ok but there are much much better sample libraries, instruments and 3rd party plugins available than what your stock DAW will give you.

Many Logic users get stuck with the stock sounds because they are, like you said, easy to get an ok mix from.

This is not the way most pro’s work. If you don’t like the stock stuff find better 3rd party alternatives, You’ll blow your stock logic buddy’s session out the water.

Yea ok I hear you, Id like to have more sampled instments in there with the focus on quality

and as I said I like Cubase and am not going to change. There are many plugins I like

But If Cubase added some it would make me smile too