New Firmware & TOOLS for UR44, UR28M and UR824 version 2.10

Steinberg has released new Firmware & TOOLS for UR44, UR28M and UR824 version 2.10 for Mac OS X and Windows.
The free update provides compatibility of the DSP-powered UR interfaces with the dspMixFx app alongside automatic detection of iPad or PC/Mac computers when in class compliant mode.

Please find the update for UR44 here.

Please find the update for UR28M here.

Please find the update for UR824 here.

Best regards,

Thank you, Steinberg, for the continued support for the UR824! As an early adopter, I’ve seen it go from a 96kHz audio interface, to a powerful 192kHz portable digital console. A very good investment!

What I cannot understand, is why you cannot implement this simple, strongly needed feature in the dspMixFx:

  • Click on the horizontal scrollbar. The page scrolls to the next/previous group of 16 tracks.

Having it scroll a single track, as if you had clicked on an arrow, is frankly useless.


Been using the UR824 for over 2 years now and never looked back! Just out of curiosity are there any chances of improving the USB driver for these units as to go down to 32 samples or even 16 samples? That would improve the dreaded latency times for both audio recording (picky singers and drummers) and when playing VSTi’s. Right now on my recording rig I measured the RTL about 10 ms at 44.1 kHz and the lowest sample buffer of 64. Will it be possible to see this number improved (maybe slashed in 2 even)?..
Thanks for the wonderful Steinberg products!