New flow has score, no parts

I have two flows. One is complete with parts and score. The 2nd flow has the same players. I entered some bars and notes. The Full Score shows, but no parts show are visible. This is the first time I have tried adding a flow and notes to an existing project. How do I make a part show up? The Full score looks right, the Players and Layouts panels look the same as for the 1st flow. Why is there no part for the 2nd flow?

How did you add the 2nd flow to the project - inside the project, or by importing a flow?

The simplest solution should be to select all the players in the Players panel then tick the checkbox in the 2nd flow’s card - that adds the players to the flow. Then repeat with layouts to add the flow to all the selected layouts.

In Setup, if you select a layout (in the rightmost column) has the checkbox been checked for the second flow at the bottom of the screen?

(Ah, ninja’d by Lillie.)

Here’s the file. I have done this before ok. Not this time.
Lute Suite IV BWV (1.44 MB)

I want the project to have the same Players and Layouts for every movement. It’s a solo piece. I have two guitar players for my own reasons, that shouldn’t affect anything, I would think. I had no problems with the first movement.

There is no music in any flow but the first. (The piece you sent has many for than two flows.)Was there ever any info in any flow but the first? You suggest there was.

It is possible in Setup to unclick an instrument from a flow and lose all the info, but usually one gets a warning first.

Do you have any backups?

Sorry to have created some confusion.

This is the file for sure. There are a few notes entered in Flow 2, should be visible in the Full Score. So far so good. Problem is that I can’t see any parts. I thought those would be included.

This is a solo piece, so I thought when adding a Flow 2 here, that Flow would be represented not only in the Full Score but also in the parts.
I thought that was what I have observed before.

I want there to be the new Flow 2 material in the parts as well as the Full Score.
Lute Suite 4 BWV (1.35 MB)

I did delete the extra page with the graphics frame, deleted Flow 2, and re-opened Flow 2. Still nothing but Full Score showing the empty bar and content after I re-entered it.

You should also know that I did a lot of deleting and re-trying, including an extra Flow. I did give this file some rough treatment.

I don’t see a checkbox in any Flow’s card, if I understand what is meant by “card”. Is that the large areas labeled “Prelude” and “Flow 2” along the bottom of the Setup Mode screen?

Under “Layouts” and “Players” everything is checked.

In the Parts Master Pages, you need to have All Flows checked instead of just the Prelude flow. Use teh Flows pull-down to access the selection box.

Lute Suite 4 BWV (1.35 MB)

The FLOWS and PLAYERS boxes are always grayed (actually blued) out. The only way I have found to make then blue is to click “Unlink” on the MA dropdown. There must be another way, right?

They’re greyed out on pages in the layout because they use the master page frame chain - if you open the master page editor (by double-clicking the master page in the panel on the right in Engrave mode), you can edit them there.

Unlinking them removes them from the default frame chain and puts them in their own separate frame chain.

Thanks for that. I can understand how this would work when I have only one Flow. When I have the next flow in place, perhaps days or weeks hence, I may be back for some more instruction.