New Flow only on certain pages


I want to write a book, with several flows.
I would like some flows to appear on a new page and some pages with continuing flows on a page.
Is that possible?

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Easiest way is to allow new flows on existing page, and then insert frame breaks where you want them to be on a their own page.

Yes. You would do it by controlling Frames (assuming you are using Dorico Pro) to force some flows to start on a new page.

(Ah, Dan beats me to the draw again. :slight_smile: )


Are frame breaks the only way to do this at present? My use case involves the vast majority of ~75 flows starting on a new page, with maybe half a dozen starting at the bottom of a page with the end of the previous flow above it. The most semantic method to do this seems to be a half-dozen master page changes, triggering a custom master page, but it’s not working. That seems a better way to go than setting ~70 frame breaks. But if it’s indeed the only way to go then it’s the only way to go.

Inserting a frame break is as quick as selecting something at the start of the flow and pressing Shift-F. Inserting a master page change is a bit more involved.

Or, you could have separate layouts - one with flows allowed the same page as a previous flow, another without - and combine them into a single PDF externally, with probably page numbers added elsewhere too.

You could have a master page that has two music frames on it, both in the master frame chain, and then switch to this master page in order to circumvent the “start on a new page” option (which actually means “start on the next frame”). It might be quicker to just put in sixty-something Frame Breaks, though.

The one real benefit to using “start on a new page” is that Dorico tends to run quicker with this option on, particularly if you’re working in the middle of the layout. If Dorico’s struggling to keep up with you then this might help.

Yes, this is exactly what I was trying. It’s not working however, it’s just giving me an empty MA frame (linked, order 2 so it should work). Size is not the problem because when I switch the orders around I get the continuation of the first flow in the bottom frame.

True, it’s not hard to insert frame breaks, and it’s probably easier in fact than setting up a master page, and definitely faster at this point. But I want to do it The Right Way. Personal flaw :stuck_out_tongue: