New forum is super confusing

Am I the only one thinking this new forum layout is totally off? It’s just super confusing. Every other Internet forum in the universe works in a different way. With sub forums. Easy to navigate. This is everything mixed together. I don’t get it.

Hi Lasse, yes it’s a bit daunting at first - and yes more subforums would be useful.

I’m hoping people will learn to use tags - and then things will get a bit more organised

There are lots of better things about this forum software so bear with it - all change takes time to sink in :slight_smile:
(moved to the lounge :slight_smile: )

At first it’s a pain in the butt , it gets better over time , it’s grown on mt , i quite like it

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Agreed. Minimalized forums are clearly inferior to the old style PHP boards. Some people just love em where as I find them to lack too much.

Agreed but it’s a huge change. In a few days everything starts to feel normal again.