New Forum looks interesting

Ohhh doesn’t it look swanky , looks really interesting and i have my old User name back :grin:

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Huge improvement.


Certainly is , it will take a while to get the brain around it but hey , you never stop learning new tricks :wink:

Much nicer, modern look! :ok_hand:

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Apparently we are just "basic " users :upside_down_face: :rofl:

Very strange when i clicked on my chrome bookmark, must admit i hate it right now as it’s different and i’m immediately lost - soon get used to it, i expect! :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to view what was on the old forum ‘your posts’, so you can see if anyone has replied to a thread where you’re active? - cheers!

If you click on your name twice it brings up a list of threads you have posted in , very smart

Ah ok, i see i got a notification when you replied. Thanks for that info! :slight_smile:
I need an image now, i feel naked compared to everyone else. haha.

Old dogs new tricks , im the same but it is pretty intuitive , i quite like it , for "basic users " it’s ok :rofl:

I’m finding it an interesting change. Not convinced that tags is the best way to organise things - I preferred being able to specifically select the ‘issues’ sub forum - but I’m sure an old dog can learn one trick at least!

I was wondering where the signatures have gone though? I always thought that was a useful thing so people can see your system specs immediately when posting issues. Anyone found where they’re hiding?

Oh, the old forum ‘your posts’ option, looks like it’s the ‘Unread’ view on this one.

That’ll be my bookmark sorted then. :surfing_woman:

Oohhhhh , looks looooovely in black :wink:

I suppose we will get used to it. I don’t see the advantage of this new forum yet.
The amount of content/topics on the screen is far less now.
But at least we have virtual :beer: :beers:
And I can raise my virtual :denmark:


Yes… swanky looking but, like Cubase… I need a vid showing how to use it…not!. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regards :sunglasses:

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There are lots of features that seem much better about this forum but the basic functionality is TERRIBLE.

Sorry, want to be more positive but really…

Tagging posts isn’t nearly as useful as subforums
All the old forum links are gone
total waste of screen space
suggested topics at the bottom are hilarious (that’s one positive thing)
much harder to keep track of topics


If you click on your name twice ,that takes you straight to the topics you are involved in , two clicks and your there ,you should be used of the Steinberg two click software by now :wink:

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two clicks takes you to a massive list of your posts - but no real context and no way to sort them by ‘sub forum’…in fact no way to sort them at all.

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Not good with change but luckily I have used a Discuss forum beofre…good to have the ability to thank/like posts back anyway!


I think it’s a positive change. Better editing, better graphics and features.

I’m glad for this change in the forums. It seems the old posts are all preserved. Good job.

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Better once dark mode is turned on but what’s with this font from 1902? :sob:

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