New Forum Seems Slower.

Navigating through the forums and topics seems to take longer now since the new forum. Consistently on different days and different times of the day. It used to be almost instant MOST of the time to navigate to a new forum or topic and now there is always about a 5 second delay for every click to a new forum or topic. This is also whether on iPad or my PC or my Samsung Phone.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes , this morning . Bit better now .

very slow

Yes, the past day or two has been a little sluggish. Kind of hit and miss, but generally slower than normal.

Someone mentioned it might be because of heightened internet scrutiny after the tragedy in Spain this past week.

I’ve noticed another Europe-based forum with the same problem over the past few days, and when I checked immediately on US-based sites, the latter were as quick/instantaneous as always.

No. It’s because World Government (Illuminati) is trying to prevent people realizing that The Earth is flat. :smiling_imp:

Would that indicate one of these:

  1. Sites you sampled are slow right now for whatever random reasons
  2. US<->Europe link is busy

Eh … of course not … It MUST be the same alien reptiles who killed JFK!

Sometimes taking a nap can help, just saying!

(In tin foil hat, of course). :smiley:


Omg are the aliens back, again. :mrgreen: