New forum URL

Did I miss an announcement for the new forum URL? Also, it would be nice for people that navigate to the forum with bookmarks to have the old URL redirect to the new address: it currently gives a 404.

My bookmark (unchanged) just took me here successfully. I’m not sure what might be different on your side.

Just tried on my phone, too. No issues with the same old bookmark.

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It’s probably my Firefox security settings blocking the redirect then. Glad it worked for you.

Confirmed : using Firefox (91.0.2 - I guess it’s up-to-date), few days ago and after a while during which the forums were unacccessible, I also got a ‘404 error’. As a result, I had to ‘Qwant’ it (no Google, here…) to retrieve the correct URL which is now a instead of a one, apparently, and had to make a new bookmark accordingly.

This said, I’m far from an internet navigating specialist…