!!!***New four bugs and great suggestion***!!!

Dear Steinberg, get yourself together anf fix your bugs

  1. Try to use the Ruler to zoom in and move to 1 bar. Put your mouse on the Ruler and drug to the bottom to zoom in andthen drug tothe left to get first bar. You will see anothe Cubase 8 bug with shaking cursor and getting to 1st bar isn’t possible sometime. Just fix your million bugs!!!
  2. why when I move VCA fader fast, assigned track to this VCA goes with delay? I don’t have this visual problem in 8.0.3
  3. When I press rescan in plugin manager Cubase crashes. After that I start Cubase again and it crashes again. But when I try in the third time it works. I tried it a lot of times. Only the third start can help
  4. You funny bug - if you press on e plugin appears slowly. If you press lefter the e buttom plugin appears fast.

Make possibility to allocate an area on automation curve and by one click change a volume of that area with 4 points placed with smoth transition between first and second point as well as between third and fourth. Like in Pro Tools. Can you even imagine how important it is? When you do mixing you need to change volume of a group of notes fast. It’s the only way. Steinberg, be smart and create this fiture