New free instrument for HALion: Colors Free available now

Dear all,

we just launched a new free library called Colors Free for HALion Sonic 7 and HALion 7 together with our partner Cinematique Instruments on our website. We really hope you enjoy this instrument and you have fun playing with it. If you want to see it in action first, have a look at Doms walkthrough video.

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Is there a way to save presets? I’m LOVING the sounds I’m getting from it but none of the save buttons on the UI actually save the specific synth settings, just the instruments loaded / hardware mapping etc.

How do you authorise Colors Free? On the product page, it states ‘log in to your Steinberg ID to receive your personal activation code’. I have done that but I don’t seem to have an activation code.

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Unfortunately, it seems there is a bug at the moment. Cinematique Instruments is working on that. Hope to get this fixed soon.

It gets activated automatically. Have you received the confirmation mail?

I do not have a confirmation email - I have checked my junk file and there is nothing in there.


Thanks for your help Florian - I didn’t realise you had to click the download on the project page to authorise the product. It is now working in HALion Sonic 7.


edit Solved! It was me beeing stupid.

When I load Colors Free there’s only one (1) patch to choose.
That can’t be right, or what?

I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall but there’s still only one (1) patch.
The Library Manager show that it is 632Mb in the Colors Free soundbank and that must be more than one patch.

Anyone else who had this problem?

Mine doesn’t work. It s got a red no entry sign to the left of the preset.

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It’s now working but with one patch (preset)

Hi @KaaTvaa and @ADRIAN_DIX,

by now you’ve probably already figured out that there’s one main patch available, which is a necessary database entry to load the whole instrument into HALion (Sonic).

The 15 patches of choice are accessible via the 15 colored rectangles under “PATCHES” (the 1st of the 3 main modes) within the macro page.

Also, under “EASEL” (the 2nd of the 3 main modes), you can randomize the patches to an “almost infinite number” (exactly as the introduction to that VST instrument says).

As humble as this free VST instrument by Cinematique Instruments looks, as powerful it can become if you spend some time with all the parameters, also by using the randomizer and by listening to what it does.

I already like Colors (free) very much, an amazing minimalist concept.

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I’m really loving this thing!!! Great possibilities!
… except, when I setup a patch and play the track in Cubase 12, stopping playback sets all components’ volumes to zero. I guess I can setup a controller on the track for each volume but it doesn’t seem right…

Found this on the CI website:
“The solution is simple. The volume of Interval is controlled by the modulation wheel in default mode. It seems that the Modwheel is receiving data and is sending the Modwheel value = 0, so that all volume values are set to 0.”

EDIT: I see you reported being able to start using Colors Free. How did you fix it? In this thread, I can see “not being stupid” as one solution, but that’s unfortunately not an option for me. For instance, what does clicking “the download on the project page” mean?

Same here, the red sign in Halion 7.

Download Assistant shows it installed, library manager sees it, but the activation manager doesn’t. I get the error below when trying to load it.

Submitted a ticket to the Assistant of the Manager Manager (i.e. Steinberg support. Steinberg, we love you :heart_eyes: )


You have to go to Steinberg website, log in and click download for the licence to be added to you account.

Colors Free: Analog Synths Meet Vintage Keys | Steinberg

I am new to Steinberg and was amazed how convoluted the whole process is, bad enough having 5 separate application related to downloading and activation, but you still have top go to the website as well! Lots of people on lots of forums have posted about this and many have just given up!

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Thanks for chiming in.

Going to Steinberg to download Colors Free puts me in a never-ending cycle between downloading the download assistant, the managers and MySteinberg (MySteinberg screenshot below).

It started as a joke but seems like not being/feeling stupid with Steinberg really isn’t an option for me.

Thanks Markus.
I’ll try later today.
Arijalmari, I had the same, I just re-installed again using the Steinberg Download Assistant and it was OK

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You have a licence ready to go. What happens if you go into Steinberg Download Assistant, open the “VST Instruments & Plugins” twisty, select Colors Free and press Install?

If it still doesn’t work, open Steinberg Activation Manager and ensure a licence for Absolute 6, HALion 7 or HALion Sonic 7 is activated and your Colors Free licence is activated. If you need a HALion Sonic 7 licence, which is free, get one from the Steinberg website.

Any news on this issue? Presets can’t be relialbly saved. It’s a bit of a show stopper.

Have to add that it’s a great instrument. Well done to all involved! :slight_smile:

That was it. I reinstalled Colors Free for the 3rd time and now it started showing up in activation manager.

Not sure if this is related, but this time I also installed Halion Sonic 7 (which I don’t really need, having H7).