New free instrument for HALion: Colors Free available now

I have downloaded and installed Colours twice now in download manager.
I have received no email. Colours wont open in Halion Sonic. It shows but asked for an activation code. Where do I get the activation code?

A free Colors Free licence can be had from the Steinberg website.

Colors LoFi Tapes is a chargeable product.

Halion Sonic 7 crashes when attempting to play Colours and with some Flux preset too (like Ambient Vision)
I’ve tried to reinstall HAlion Sonic 7 but it still crashes with those presets while they all work fine with Halion SE 3.

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I hear crash! That’s very bad. Could you please let me know the preset names and maybe even send me crashdumps via PM so that I can add them to our crash database?
Thanks for reporting and sorry that you have to experience this.

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Where do we find crashdumps of H7 on Windows please?

Assuming that you are using HALion as a plugin rather than standalone, it is wherever your host application crashdumps. For Cubase and Nuendo, look in Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps.

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Only I have the presets of this instrument saved incorrectly? I noticed that when opening the personal preset, the layers volume is set to 0.

Hi all,

we have released maintenance updates on March 22, 2023 for Colors Free and Colors LoFi Tapes which are fixing two major bugs:

Fixed issues:

  1. Now moving the Mouse Wheel over the preset selector does not end up in a script error.
  2. Mod-Wheel state is now saved correctly with preset.

Please open the Steinberg Download Assistant to install it. The vst sound file version of both products is now v2.

All the best,



There is no information about the sound packs for Colors being not free.
Dunno why Dom kept that to himself… Anyway, this is pretty unprofessional, not to mention the tedious installation process, repetetive updating of already updated software, seems like “FearUncertaintDoubt”, psychological warfare on costumers instead of a simple message, “takes a couple minutes to get activated”.
I’m a happy bunny, Cubase rules, I bought it, so please get your act together, Steinberg. Is there a chart on “most frustrating installation”? I don’t wanna google that. I should be making music right now instead of having to vent here.
( ^^)v

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