new fun party song

this is a new song I recorded using c5 its meant to be a fun party song

I also remixed all my other songs on soundcloud after tuning my room using ARC
all input about these songs and their mixs would be appreciated


I like the melody and your voice. I think you should leave the guitar solo and use less delay. It is effectiv only in small doses. Use a a nother voice one octave above llow volume Also maybe shorten the song and do a more drastic bridge change. The song is a bit overcompressed to. More dynamic. Dont follow the loudness war. But the two most impant parts are covered - the melody and the voice. good job.

I agree with mr Cowbell. It’s a good basis for a fun song but it could use some work.
Other than then things already mentioned, the timing is off at certain points, and in the intro I thought the guitars were slightly out of tune. I either got used to it or they were in tune later in the song.

I’m also not a fan of the ‘snare’ you used, sounds more like the drummer is hitting a flowerpot :wink:
Good song though, I like the melody and the vocal performance is quite good.

Thanks for your suggestions
I did a remix of the song taking all of your ideas in mind
and a few extras
hope you like it

I would appreciate any more ideas


Hiya Sean. This is a fun song. Drums sound OK to me. Couldn;t really hear the bass too clearly, the geetars are masking it somewhat, maybe pan them left and right and free up some space that way.

Enjoyed the song