New function Make 'Extension Permanent' - big thumbs up

I just used the new function Audio>Extensions>Make Extension Permanent for the first time.

In the scope of things it is really a small capability, but it truly simplifies the workflow. Previously you’d need to Render In Place and then disable the Source Track and hide it (which also clutters the Project). So not a lot of work, but still stuff we don’t need to do now.

Sometimes a small improvement can make a big difference.


Yes, and Also a big thanks for batch freeze. That is another little feature but a BIG time saver.

Edit>Freeze/Unfreeze>Selected Tracks or Selected Tracks (with current settings)

Very much a welcomed feature.

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why use freeze instead of render in place? I have a macro and with a key command I render,rename,hide and disable the original track. If I need to edit the original track it´s there but you can´t edit freezed tracks.

Huh? You just unfreeze the track. Easiest thing in the world!

and then have to freeze it again…
I mean freeze does not have a single advantage over render, for me it´s useless.

I use Freeze when I have a big mix that I’m running out of resources. I have a UAD plugin external processor with 8 chips and sometimes you can run out. Freeze solves the issue. When you freeze the track it releases the plug-ins on that track. To me, they are used for different things.

I assume from your previous posts, @raino , you are somehow first putting it on a new track version before making it permanent?