New gear!

My wife’s father passed away 4 years ago. He was a very busy, gigging musician in the NY / NJ / PA area.

When we married, her mother gave her the '79 Strat that was promptly given to me. Today, we got more of the music stuff that he had: 2 BOSS Chromatic Tuners; 2 BOSS Turbo Distortion; 1 BOSS Super Overdrive; 1 BOSS Compression / Sustainer; 1 BOSS Chorus (CE-2 though); plus a few tuners; a Fender Frontman amp; and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff like harmonicas, cables, etc.

I was this close to getting a 1981 Ibanez Artist series F-hole cutout electric, from the golden era of Ibanez. She’s not sure if she wants to keep it for herself, but she nor her other daughter play guitar. And she’s moving back to Costa Rica soon so I imagine she’ll give it to me later.

I’m not gloating that I’m getting the gear from my father-in-law’s legacy, but rather am excited because I know they would do nothing but continue to collect dust if I didn’t get them. That would be a huge waste. I’m psyched!


A sensitive issue. However, I bet if father-in-law could express a preference, he’d go for the dust-free option!

Exactly. It’s sensitive. That’s why I haven’t asked for it. My wife, however, asked about it because she knows me that well - I haven’t stopped playing the Strat as my primary guitar ever since my hands touched it. She knows I’ll play the Ibanez too.

Her father not only was a good musician - I’ve seen videos of him during gigs - but he knew how to pick a good guitar.