New guitar

My late father-in-law had great taste in guitars. His wife (my wife’s stepmom) gave me his 79 Strat a number of years ago. Today, she gave me his last guitar, an '81 Ibanez Artist (Fugigen plant). I just crapped my pants from excitement.

It’s wonderful a beauty like that stayed in the family and will be played.



Well I just hope that I can play it well enough to honor his memory. I saw videos of him playing - he was quite good.

What a beauty…enjoy

You have been honoured Larry, you must use your new power only for good! :sunglasses:

Sweet machine. Off to fetch a drool bucket. :laughing:

:laughing: Steve

Yeah, I’m psyched about the guitar.

But I have another reason to be happy: I found on Craigslist a guitarist who has a project studio but realized that he sucks on keyboards. So I’m picking up an essentially brand new M-Audio Prokeys 88 + stand for $175. I really shouldn’t do this but I haven’t really bought myself anything in a long time and I’ve wanted / needed an 88 weighted key MIDI controller forever. Both of my synths (Roland D-50 and XP-50) are missing an octave or two.

Oh nice, it looks mint too!

Beautiful, make it sing the way I’m sure you can. Good luck with it !!

Nice, I’ll bet that guitar sounds beautiful.

I have an Axiom 25 (2 octaves) that sits on my desk. The 88-key will be used for when I need full range for recording, gigging, and for when my oldest daughter is visiting since she’s in the throes of jazz piano lessons. (I couldn’t be more ecstatic about that last point by the way.)

I haven’t even plugged in into an amp yet. It sounds gorgeous without the amp believe it or not. The intonation is perfect. He (Gary) took such good care of his guitars that it’s incredible. And the Fugigen plant was famous for the quality of the products they produced then, so this guitar is extra special.


Very nice, Larry! :sunglasses:

Yeah, I may have to re-track the jazz lead line for Missing You using this guitar. I’m so happy that this song will finally get finished.

There are a few denizens of the B@sshole that would welcome such a development… :unamused: