New guy. Dorico for ipad. A few basic questions i can’t seem to figure out…

Subject: I just obtained Dorico for ipad…can’t figure it out!
Description: 1. How do i save a project so i can’t accidentally erase/delete/modify it?
2. Is there a Save As function/ability?
3. I can’t figure out how to “loop” the two bar “score” I’ve created. How do i loop a whole score? Or just a couple bars? I can loop it to play continuously, can’t i?
4. In play or playback, i want to see the music notation, but in play or playback it just shows me what looks like midi notation. That is no good for me. I want to be able to play back and loop, looking at the music notation i entered and saved (not looking at something that looks like midi; i don’t know what it is). How do i play and view music notation? (It seems i can play in the write mode, viewing it as music notation; so what is play or playback? If i can play it in write mode?)

Hi. Welcome to the forum.

  1. It should be sufficient to go back to the hub to save your project (I really mean, when you press the < arrow to go back to the hub, it does save your project.)
  2. There’s no loop playback feature in Dorico. Sorry. Not yet. You can however input repeat bars ("|:" and “:|” ) and in the properties (bottom panel) specify that you want them to repeat like 50 times. But no loop playback. And yes, it has already been requested.
  3. You don’t need to use Play mode to playback. Use write mode, since you want to see notation! The play/stop tools are available on the top panel.

Thanks, so much. Much appreciated. Have spent many hours trying to get the feel or learn my away around. Still stymied.

  1. Yes, going back to the hub saves project, but when i go back and open it up again, it’s not locked. I can still make changes to it. The problem is that i have experimented with using it and of course that changes everything I’ve done and i don’t want to have to go back and fix everything again to get it back to where it was when i first went back to the hub. In other words, when i go back to play/practice what i created i want it to be just the way i created and saved it; i don’t want to be able to accidentally change/modify it; if i wanted to change or modify it i would think there would be something like a SAVE AS function. So i don’t have a solution or answer to this problem yet.
  2. I put the repeat signs in and it repeats once. Can’t figure out to find the properties (bottom panel) to specify 50 repeats. Sorry.
  3. Is there somewhere where i can find a chart or something that shows the functions of all the little buttons? Is there no way to turn on a Help function that will explain each button when you hover over it?

Thank you again.

Have you looked at the manual (Dorico Help)?

To show the lower zone if it’s not currently shown, tap the button at the bottom of the left-hand toolbox (in the bottom left-hand corner of the display). However, it’s probably currently set to show the Keyboard panel, in which case you can click the first button in the lower zone toolbar (above the piano keys) to show the Properties panel:


For more information, see the Operation Manual, e.g.:


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Thanks. I’ve tried what you’ve suggested but can still not find a way to set the number of repeats. I will look at the help links you provided (regarding zones) but i am not hopeful. I am close to giving up on Dorico for ipad.

Thank you.



Ok. I figured it out, how to set the number of repeats (had to have the repeat bar line highlighted or selected).

Ok. That’s a start. That will take care of not being able to loop my little riff.

But still dismayed that:

  1. The only way to play the riff and see the music notation is in the write mode. Why on earth would users not have the ability to see the music notation in the play mode?

  2. Can’t SAVE AS. Can’t lock or preserve my original score from unintentional modifications. (I haven’t figured out yet what that lock symbol in panel on left does.)

Thank you.



The problem is the autosave function. If you could turn that off, you solved your problem. Unfortunately that is not the case. You will now have to make a second version to prevent you from overwriting a file. Unfortunately this gives extra work.

Groet, Marien

Dorico has separate modes for different phases of working on a project.

It’s now possible in Write mode to see both the notation on the page, and also the piano roll of the same music in the key editor in the lower zone. You can also play back music in Write mode.

Play mode is focussed on tweaking playback and working on the project in more of a DAW-like context, so the focus there is on the piano roll, MIDI editors, and track overview. You can see the notation in every other mode, and also in the iPad’s read view.

Thanks. I believe i could live with playing my little 16th note funk bass rhythms in write mode. But…isn’t there some way to make a score (or in my case a riff) and then save it? Then open it back up and make a few changes it to it and SAVE AS?



We don’t have a Save As feature in Dorico for iPad. But you can use the Files app to make a copy of your project: open Files, navigate to the Dorico folder in On My iPad, then long-press the project you want to make a copy of, and choose Duplicate from the menu that pops up.

Thanks. I guess i see how that would work. I guess i see how i could work with that w/o too much trouble.

Thank you.