New Halion 5.1 Explodes playing live

I have just installed halion 5.1 update (Win 8.1 x64, i7 24GB) and when playing live (Yam S90 ES via USB) with a user made preset (Split and Layer - S90ES Piano, Majestic Strings + Spanish Guitar) then Halion (Standalone) at a random point in my playing - 10-40 seconds simply explodes everytime. I have played this simple tune many times quite recently.

The same thing happens if it set it up as an instrument track in Cubase 8.
It just says program stopped working correctly.


I know my playing is crap … perhaps Halion is trying to tell me something!

k…i’ve got no real answer for you…
THAT (what you said) is really funny!
thanks for the giggle.

Installed ok for me but BSOD when closed in standalone on first run. Tried again after reboot and was slower on the clicks when closing and ok. Will watch carefully. Win 8.1 x64 Lenovo x230 i5 12 Gb SSD RME etc all stable otherwise.

wow, that really sux. I hope my Halion 5.1 doesn’t explode :smiley:

Update ----> Still Explodes

I simplified the halion preset just down to a simple piano, recorded my playing in Cubase as Midi and saved the project. Now whenever I playback this project midi with my original Haliion preset then Halion commits suicide every time!

Must be really bad playing!


Update --> I think it is the Mega Trig for Random Fret and Hand noises and affects Several acoustic guitars.

Investigation —>
I played my midi piece with the S90 Piano and strings removed from my preset to leave only the Spanish Guitar.
Halion still committed suicide so it looks like it is the Spanish Guitar.

Back to my original 3 program preset, but I retested my preset several times on each one replacing the Spanish Guitar program with a variety of other programs one by one - Bright Pop Piano, 4.0 Rock Organ, Accordian Duo, Africa Brass, Ancient Pluck, Artic Piano, Alien Style FX, Accent Strings, 90s Synth Comp, 3 Osc Lead, 4.0 Big PWM Strings, Aah Chior and Strings, 4.0 Sax Quartet.

Each time my song played fine so I repeated the test replacing the Spanish guitar with some electric ones … Blues Lead Guitar, Modern Strat, SR Liquid Guitar, Reggae Jam, R&B Accoustic, Pedal Steel Guitar, Funky Switch.

These also played fine.
So I tested some acoustic guitars instead … Folk Steel String, Easy Nylon Guitar, 12 String Acoustic all worked, but Spanish Guitar, Funky Steel Guitar, Real Steel Solo all FAILED.

I then noticed that each of the failed has random Fret and Hand noises, so I deleted the MegaTrig off these sections in the program - they now work.

Tetative Conclusion ---- The Mega Trig for Random Fret and Hand noises is causing Halion to raise a fatal exception (Commit suicide!) for several acoustic guitars. It will possibly affect other guitars.

I also note that I am not the only one seeing this problem


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Maybe open a support ticket with Steinberg?