New hardware for CB9.5Pro

Finally thinking to upgrade my ageing PC.

Anyone got any reasons the new i7 8700K with an ASUS Prime Z370-A mobo shouldn’t be a good choice?


I’m thinking of getting the same setup and haven’t found any reason not to yet.

I don’t know whether you’re aware of this issue with multi core CPUs

…but it seems like the 8700K is a good choice to avoid running into this problem

Yes thanks for that. I had read that a while ago, and it doesn’t seem to affect the 8700 as it has 12 cores and not the troublesome >14.

That article does raise another question though.

Are logical cores now considered to be a beneficial thing for Cubase? The advice some years ago was to disable hyperthreading (logical cores) in BIOS and use only proper hard cores.

Has this advice now changed?

Think I’ll ask this question in another thread to get the best response.

Looking at this:

it says “Processors with faster cores are preferable to a higher core count”

but I suppose more cores can’t hurt (up to 14) which is why I’m going for the 8700K

Sounds like the 8700 is ideal as it (over)clocks fast and has lots of cores, without running in to the 14 cores issue.

Hyper threading has always been beneficial, the first i7 had problems but since then many years ago it has been safe to use.
If someone gets better performance without HT there is simply something wrong with their setup.
Ram speed and timing settings for example can be the cause. In many cases a bios update would fix such problems.
The 8700 is a 6 core cpu, it is not like you will get 12 core performance out of it enabling HT, it highly depends on what you are doing. A 10 to 20% performance increase is more in the ballpark, more if you mix using high buffer settings, less if you are near real-time processing

Thanks for that.