New hardware instrument I/O chaos

After years of unproblematic use of Cubase with a Yamaha MoX I recently shifted to a Yamaha XF and have got into an incredible mess.

This is partly because it was so long ago that I set up the MOX that I have lost track of how to organise the I/O.

Possibly related problems, I haven’t been able to:

  • record audio

  • access/install the usual Steinberg ASIO only the generic one

  • route audio output back to the XF as I usually do

  • I have been able record midi (Symphonic Orchestra) and playback via my sound card ASIO

Any pointers on how to resolve this would be welcome, I hope the above info is adequate

Cubase 8 Pro, Yamaha XF6, W7

It sounds like something bad happened to your digital interface, as if the driver got clobbered or lost touch with its hardware. So I’d look at the interface. Has the cable connecting it to your computer come loose or gone bad? Do you need a new driver? Is it USB and somehow competing with the XF6? What if you restart without the XF6? I’d say you were getting to the bottom of it if you can see the correct ASIO driver in device setup.

Thanks for this. I was pleased/relieved that I was able to record playback midi, this I beleive confirms the physical connections.

the key issue seems to be that the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex is missing (when the app loads there is a flash of a box where I’d expect to see the ASIO choice to be indicated).
I have the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver installed

Any further suggestions?