New HDD for Samples Causing Rapid Share Screen on Boot up?

Hi there, just wondered if anyone could help me at all!?

I’m getting a new dedicated PC sorted next year with SSDs and the like, but for now, my storage is getting low so I put in a second 1TB WD Black hard drive for N.I samples etc…, but now I get the Intel Rapid Share screen when I boot up. It goes off too quickly to read but looks like it shows my system drive and new HDD as being installed and has ‘non RAID disk’ written next to both. It flashes up for 1 second then boots as normal.

I’m not technical at all, but I’ve put a HDD in an old PC before so I followed the instructions for my HP desktop: mounted and screwed the HDD in, connected to the motherboard with SATA cable, plugged it into a spare power connection on my 460w PSU. Booted my PC, checked it was recognised in the BIOS, then, once at the desktop, went to Disc Management and chose single volume, renamed, formatted and all looked great…I even went ahead and moved all of my music samples across!!

I only knew something was wrong when I restarted the PC…also, since putting the hard drive in, my PC now takes 2-3 tomes longer to shut down.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

I’m on Windows 7, intel i5 650.