New Hendrix Album out tomorrow

Aloha M,

And thanks for the info.

Surprised they still had stuff they hadn’t released. Thanks.

there`s so much out there nowadays repeats and wot not but i will still have to check it out ,you can allways find a diamond in anything jimi left, i also look foreward to this new movie

I am very apprehensive about this movie. Hollywood is so anxious to get something out there to make a buck rather than taking the time to find the right person to play a character and bring the estate on board. Although Ray was nicely done, the Clint Eastwood movie about Charlie Parker was absurd for having Forrest Whitaker playing the title role.

i know what you mean about an actor trying to perform as an artist with such charisma as hendrix ,it can`t be done otherwise that actor would be just as good as hendrix ,anyway i will be interested in what the films script will be about.

It could be done, afterall the actor doesn’t really have to play the guitar just mime it. Problem usually is ,someone writes or acquires the rights to a screenplay and the thought of making big money starts a big clock countdown. Instead of taking the time to audition carefully and find the right actor they rush to a name whether he fits or not. Big problem I had with the Clint Eastwood bio of Charlie Parker was the casting of Forest Whitaker, Although probably the best serious black actor at the time he is not a handsome man. Reading Parker bio it clear that a lot of what he got away with ,especially with women, was because of his looks and personal style. You could never tell this in the movie. The previous Hendrix Bio pic with Wood Harris was a mess

I thought Val Kilmer did a brilliant job in The Doors. He sang all the songs for the movie and apparently even the surviving Doormen had problems identifying Kilmer from Morrison on some of the vocal takes.

I’ve seen some reviews of the ‘new’ Hendrix album and apparently most of the tracks are rehashed versions of studio takes or demos, most of which have had definitive versions already released. Could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get from the reviews I’ve read.

brian setzer did a good job in the film la bamba playing the part of eddie cochran and he was good cause brian just did his thing ,it was the best part of the movie ,he naturaly looks like he plays guitar cause he does play guitar .where as an actor just can`t seem to hold a guitar right let alone move like hendrix who seemed to move in slow motion and the guitar was just an extension of him , hendrix made you fell like ,shit i wish i could do that .

Great job by Kilmer! :sunglasses:

Actors playing guitar -
Ralph Macchio, yeah the Karate Kid, in Crossroads. I’ve read that he had private lessons from Ry Cooder and learned and played the end duel with devil perfectly but the producers dubbed in Ry Cooder anyway. In the same film Steve Vai as the devil’s picker is… ok.

I’d agree, Val was great in that movie. THAT was good casting

vai played the classial thing at the end ,you can tell it`s him .i also heard something to that effect about Ralph Macchio, good film.