new here ... a quick question (or 2)

Hello all, please excuse my “newness” to Wavelab Elements 8 but I have a quick question about burning CDs. When I try to burn one, none of the CD text goes with it. I’ve filled out all of the info for both the CD and every song in the CD text editor and the “Enable CD text writing” box is checked. When the CD is done, I do not see any of the info (song titles, etc) displayed when I click on the actual CD. I just get “Audio Track” for all of my songs.

Can anyone help a Wavelab newbie out?

Where are you looking for that info? iTunes, WMP and other media players usually don’t read CD-text from the actual disk itself, but get their data from an online database - which doesn’t usually contain info on our newly written disks…

Ah, that would explain it. Thanks for your help Arjan P.

One more quick newbie question. I can’t seem to find how to create track start times for my CD. I can find and make markers, but I don’t understand how I can set the start point ID of a particular track. I have 2 songs that come in out of a crossfade and I need to find out how I can go in and adjust the starting point of a song.