New here, advice please?

Hi everyone. I am new here, I have read some good things about Steinberg but never used any software.

I am also new to music-making (well, I have “tinkered” from time to time over the years, but nothing more than you guys do in a week I guess).

What do you recommend for starting with? I have a pretty good PC, but what specs are recommended for the software I should use for a noob?

Thanks in advance

Get a USB Elicenser first from your local dealer.

Install a 30 days trial - e.g. Cubase Pro or Cubase Elements and give it a try…


Greetings to all. I am also new here. I work in an insurance agency, and I listen to music a lot. I’m thinking of leaving soon to train in sound mixing. That’s why I registered on this site.
See you!

You don’t even need the USB eLicenser to trial Cubase Elements.
Try that first. Use it for 3 days then you can buy Elements, buy a USB eLicenser and trial Pro or just buy Pro.
Start with the totally free option first.
But, if you are going to be doing any audio recording such as singing or guitar, you will be limited without an ASIO audio interface.
It shouldn’t be an issue initially if you are just going to record MIDI from a keyboard or controller.
30 days trial

watch some videos for beginners

A great way to get started is to buy the Steinberg UR22 MK2 audio interface, or the new UR22C audio interface. It includes a lightweight “Cubase AI” edition, which is similar to Cubase Elements but with a few less features.

Hi, am I right that Steinberg UR22 MK2 audio interface, or the new UR22C audio interface are the simplest and most accessible for beginners or is there something even easier? Thanks

Ohh this thread is the right place for me either.
I’m a newbie in this sphere too, but I have such a strong willing to develop my music skills.
So, I’m happy to be a part of your community, guys.

You can’t get much simpler and easier for beginners than a 2 channel Steinberg audio interface with Steinberg Cubase software. It works great, and there is nothing very difficult about any of the software.

As far as learning, these days most people will find some amount of just trial and error and some youtube tutorials will get you started. The UR22 has a midi in and out port, so any midi capable keyboard, a UR22, and a pair of decent quality powered studio monitors (like the KRK ROKIT) or (if you prefer, a pair of studio quality high impedance headphones in the $200-$400 us range) will be all you need to make and mix your own music “in the box”, or to record some guitar and vocal parts.

You don’t even need to buy any VST plugins as there are some included, and there are plenty of free VSTs, such as DEXED if you want to create some FM Synthesized synth parts. Cubase (all editions, even AI) includes even a pretty good electronic drums system called GrooveAgent SE, and a basic sample playback vst called Halion Sonic SE that has a factory patch kit that has quite a lot of pretty good sounds in it.

In my view, you can ONLY learn this stuff, music production, and playing keyboards, and recording voices and guitars, by doing it. You just do it, and you hope you get away with it. (Matters of art are matters of taste. But matters of music and music production are both creative, and are also matters of discipline, craft, and skill, and you build those things by doing it, until you get better at it, the way a wood worker gets better by making things.)

Same problem… thank you for the answer, will check the videos.