New hymnal

Yes, there’s really a surprising amount of poor craftsmanship in the details. I guess what’s most compelling about those hymnals to me is the paper and binding. The ELCA in particular is just gorgeous… Without a doubt the most beautiful paper and layout I’ve ever seen in a hymnal.

In their defense, whatever software they used, it certainly wasn’t Dorico, which means most of these settings were likely not automatic and had to be checked in the editing process. That’s not an excuse for typos, but I do understand the difficulty. I don’t usually need to pay much attention to things like beam angles or dot placement, thankfully.

There are very few decisions that Dorico makes automatically that I can’t set globally. There certainly are a few, but they are infrequent enough that it’s easy to catch them. Finale was much more problematic in this respect. As a result, the handful of hymnals I did before switching to Dorico had a few of these sorts of errors: dot placement was a particular annoyance, since it had to be checked religiously.

It’s easy to be sharp in the editing process when there’s much less to check. When every note, slur, dot, and beam could be completely wrong, the weariness sets in…


< chuckle > (sorry, as you were)


Puns always intended… :sunglasses:



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Looks great @DanKreider ! Keep up the good (Lord’s) work :slight_smile:

My eye is not too much averse to this. It’s the only way to fly for this hymn.

I am doing my first hymnal, and your work will inform how I do mine. Currently, I am looking to have ‘service music’ in a separate project file from the hymns. I need to be able to adjust parameters in hundreds of hymns at once, but those parameters may not work for service music.

However, I am strongly considering your route of a separate project file for each and every hymn. For global parameter adjustments, I will need to explore better how the new library functionality works.

Your work is outstanding.

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Nothing in Western music is more persnickety than a hymnal.


To be honest, it’s not that much work if something does have to be changed. Case in point, I made the choice to change some line and beam thickness. It was a little tedious, but it didn’t take me more than a couple hours to modify every single file. And what I gained was peace of mind regarding accidentally messing up massive files with lots of pages.


The library manager makes this sort of thing a lot easier.