New iMac and sluggish Cubase zooming etc

Is anyone else with a new iMac having the sluggish GUI issue? It was snappier on my 2013 MacBook pro. Just to be clear - I can run bigger projects and the cpu is significantly better but the zooming and scrolling issue is irritating. I don’t want to jump ship but I don’t know if I can work with it.

Could it specific to my particular iMac or are other owners of new machines experiencing the same?

Thanks for any help.

It’s a known issue, and it’s because of the new version of MacOS. It no longer supports whatever Cubase depends on to be fast. The good news is that this is being worked on, but that would be for a newer version of Cubase.

Looks like I picked the wrong time to jump on the bandwagon. The sluggish GUI is incredibly distracting, the last thing you need when trying to work. By new version do you mean 10 or a intermittent update?

Thanks for the info! Hmmm, what to do. No telling if it will be in the 9.5 update in December.

I just did an experiment and updated my MacBook pro to the same OS as my new iMac and the MacBook running the same project in the same version of Cubase 8.5.3 was way snappier. I believe it is an issue with either the new iMacs in general or just my particular iMac. Still hoping to get some other feedback from owners of the new iMacs.