New iMac - can this run N8?


If I go shopping and buy a new iMac Pro, which comes pre-installed with High Sierra, will I be able to run Nuendo?

Or is Steinberg still in the embarrassing position of being incompatible with a Mac being unboxed today?

Please Steinberg, I need to know so that I can take my music business forwards. I am currently staying with N7 (for pretty obvious reasons) and have high hopes that this will run on an iMac Pro.


iMac Pro with High Sierra should run N8.1 just fine. I’m on a MacBook Pro with Touchbar and have High Sierra installed and Nuendo 8.1 runs OK. Nuendo 8.1 has graphical performance issues (on any Mac OS, it’s not a High Sierra problem). Those graphical performance issues are announced to be addressed in the next Nuendo update late January / early February. We don’t know if they will be gone, but they should be significantly reduced. Let’s hope. But as I said, this has nothing to do with 10.13. Nuendo runs fine on it for me.

I know, the official compatibility site still lists High Sierra as “Testing” while everything else is compatible. It’s nice that Steinberg prioritizes their flagship standard in audio post product like that. It’s the only product that’s STILL not tested with High Sierra.

So, for what it’s worth, for me it works very well so far and I’m using it several hours a day currently for maybe 1 month now on 10.13.

Thanks Chris - I appreciate the insight into the OS status.


I run 7.1x on High Sierra and it works fine.
8.1 is still too buggy on any OS, we still have reports about corruprted session files, DOP hiccups and the terrible GUI lag.

I am having an issue with my iMac pro. The internal speakers stay active after the headphones are connected. Cubase sound only comes out of speakers because of this. Apple did not help.
would you please connect a headphone to your iMac pro, and check in system preferences, sound and see if you only see headphones or both headphones and the speakers?
this maybe an iMac pro issue
thank you

I would really urge you to get a decent audio interface for this kind of work.
The regular iMac output is okay, but not aimed at professional audio and really only designed for people to listen to face time and mp3’s.

You might also experience less cpu use when using a good audio interface with well written drivers, which most are these days.
There is steinberg’s own range of interfaces, and popular among many users are the Universal Audio interfaces that connect via thunderbolt, have some of the best preamps in the business and also offer onboard DSP for emulation of vintage hardware equipment as realtime plugins you can use in your sessions.