New Imac + MR816csx Problems

I have been running cubase 5 on my 2009 mac book pro, works great. upgraded to a new imac last month and now I’m having issues. I’m running OSX 10.85 not on OSX 10.9 as the Steinberg news says might cause problems. With the new mac it is a firewire to thunderbolt adapter making the connection.

everything is installed, firmware update, drivers, and set up in Device Setup, however when I do basic functions such as just playing a click, every 30-60 seconds there is a gap in sound as the preamps lights star flashing like in a reset. you can see the play bar still moving and the sound eventually bounces back.

I’ve been reading around, tried re-isntalling everything… anyone have an suggestions?

Thank you

Yes after waiting for a driver that works for about 5 months i think the mr816 wont ever work on new macs…

i fell the same way, i installed the new drivers, same problems.

Did you guys see Ed’s response to this? It’s all about the fusion drives. Apple will have to release a fix, but who knows how long that will take. Ed’s got a couple of suggestions on the main page.

I was able to get mine working just fine with an external drive running OS X Mavericks. I don’t really want to have to deal with maintaining another drive for that purpose and am therefore going to return my iMac for one with a Serial drive this week. Hope this helps you guys!