New iMac - MR816X

I just bought a new iMac because my old one had a couple of components fail within the last month. The new one came with OS X Mavericks on it. Clearly, I realize this is going to cause me problems…However, the problems I’ve had don’t seem to be noted on here and I wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issues.

I am getting dropouts during ANY audio playback (iTunes, Quicktime, Cubase 7.06, WaveLab 8.03, YouTube). I didn’t expect Cubase and WaveLab to work well given they aren’t supported, but I didn’t expect to have problems with general audio playback.

The dropouts usually happen within 10-60 seconds of initializing playback and then it appears that the system is “choking” in that it doesn’t recover on its own. I can sometimes pause for a few seconds and then press play again to get audio to play for another little while, but the dropouts usually come back. I don’t see anywhere on the Mac OS that allows you to adjust a system buffer size, but that is what the problem feels like.

I’ve carefully uninstalled all MR drivers, editors, extensions and have re-installed. I did that with both MR TOOLS 1.7.4 and 1.7.5, uninstalling first, deleting any older installers and emptying the trash each time.

I’m also wondering if there are any recommended cables for the connection. I am using the Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 cable and then a Belkin Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 cable that I purchased on the Apple website.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Aloha d, and E’ komo mai. (welcome to the board)

I’ve carefully uninstalled all MR drivers, editors, extensions

Did you have this prob before installing these items?

If you did and you are having probs playing audio with the above two apps.
there is something seriously wrong with that ax.

Send/take it back.

Out of the box, ITunes and QuickTime should work flawlessly.

If the probs started after installing MR drivers, editors, extensions
and persist even after un-installing them,
you might be looking at a ‘nuke and pave’.

When you say un-install, keep in mind that there are soooo many places
on the Mac for stuff to ‘live’.
Be sure to get them all or they too may cause problems.

Then again this may just be a Cubase/Mavericks ‘not playing well together’ prob.

The MR816X was working fine with my old setup - an Early 2008 iMac with 4GB of RAM. It was so solid for the last couple of years! Now I have a 2013 model with an i7 and 8GB of RAM. The biggest difference that I can see is having to use two extra cables to connect the interface. I can’t imagine that those two extra connections between the computer and the interface are good, although I’ve read that users have had successful results with that setup.

It would really be amazing if someone would just make a Thunderbolt to 1394a cable!!! I hate having to buy new interfaces every few years when the old ones are orphaned and drivers are no longer updated. It would be pretty great if there were some type of conversion kit so that I could mod my MR816X to work with USB 2.0…

I have a feeling the MR816X is happy though and the issues are either with the firmware/software or the connections. I’ll try to hook up an old Focusrite interface later and see if that is any different…

Looks like Cubase 7 works just fine using the built in driver and plugging my headphones in. Don’t seem to really have any bugs at all!

After further use of Cubase 7, it definitely has some bugs with OS X Mavericks, and with Mountain Lion as well. Steinberg, can we please get some updates?!

THANK YOUUU finaly i found someone with exactly the same problem.

bought my mac mini in august. i had my mr816 working with windows xp without any problems. but im not able to get it to work under 10.8.
i mean it works, but the crackles and dropout while listing with vlc player or itunes are just awful, i mean its really anyoing. i found out in cubase i can work without bigger problems as long as the buffer is not more than 512 samples, any rate above that will cause big time dropouts.
i could decrease the dropouts and crackles while turning off the sleep mode of the mac, but its still there and anyoing as hell.

so thank you again for reporting the same problem under 10.8!

steinberg please do something, i know i bought a legacy product half year ago for a lot of money, but still this is not accectaple!!!

I installed the update just now and my dropout issues haven’t changed one bit. I played a file in iTunes and around a minute, the sound stopped and it looked as though iTunes had stopped playing or playing very slowly with no audio output. After pausing and then starting again, audio would resume playback and then also resume choking out around a minute.

God I hope I don’t have to buy a new interface.

Unfortunatly the same here… nothing changed. Still im not able to hear music without problems. As much as i love the mr816, i need this problems to be fixed or i have to switch to something reliable. Really sad.

I think steinberg should first provide its customers with software for the existing hardware. Steinberg takes the problems of its customers “with old hardware” not serious enough. and that’s not the only example. Virtual Guitarist - no more support. since it does not surprise me, that software is pirated …