New iMac playing back too fast.

Just moved Dorico to a new iMac and it is working great, EXCEPT everything is playing back 8 - 13 bpm too fast. All my tempo markings are displaying properly in the transport area, but 84 is playing back at 92, 136 is playing back at 148, and 144 (in two different pieces) is playing back at 157. Works out to about a 9% increase. When I got my new iMac I did fresh installs of Dorico and all my playback software - NotePerformer, EZ bass, EZ drummer, Pianoteq.
Any ideas?

Check your sample rate under Edit->Device Setup.


As Jesper mentions, go to Edit > Device Setup, change the sample rate to a different value, wait for 3 seconds, then set it back to the previous value. Close the dialog and Dorico shall play back in time again.

Thanks so much, Ulf. That solved the problem. Always great when someone can supply a simple solution.