new iMac Pro - can I run N7 on this?

My topic is the question.

I would really value an official position on this from Steinberg. I need to move my studio forwards (and I am not considering going PC) and there is an opportunity with he new iMac Pro.

I am sticking with N7 at the moment. I see the new 7.1.40 is ready.

The new iMac Pro presumably comes with High Sierra installed. No way to go back to anything earlier.

Can Nuendo 7 (or 8 for that matter) run on this? What issues might I expect to face?

Steinberg, please answer this. I need authoritative information not speculation of guesses please.


Looks like they’re still going through testing. I could be wrong though as there isn’t a date stamp on the page.

Well, if you fancy rotating fans and (possibly) hard drives next to your ears, I do not see why it should not work… :laughing:
Seriously, if you want to concentrate on what you hear this thing is pretty much useless in an audio post workflow imho.