New iMac with FW800 port and MR816csx

Well, I should have done some research before I bought, but now is too late…

I got this new iMac with only a FW800 port and my new MR816 csx that only has FW400… :open_mouth:
Does anyone knows if a FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter works fine without any consecuense???
Is there any other workaround? … (please don’t say “Sell or return anything”…lol).
Please help!
thank you!!!

FW 400 to 800 adapter is fine

Thanks dude, I’ll try that…I’ll post any issue. :slight_smile:

And well, now that I remember, I have the TC Electronic Powercore (Firewire) too, but I have just a single FW800 port on the iMac, do you know if I could cascade the Powercore thru the MR816 or is it too much to ask??? :wink:

Thanks a lot!!!

I think you will be very lucky if they both get along on a single FW buss

I used an adapter and it didn’t work well. I just got a Siig FireWire pcie card and it works like a charm … t.I chipset !

Thanks! I’ll keep trying with the adapter, so far, have no troubles, but I have no choice cos I have a new iMac wich doesn’t support any kind of slots :astonished: !
I’ll post if I have any issue, thanks again!