New iMac

Hi everyone.

This may be a silly or stupid question, but how will a new iMac perform compared to a Mac Pro 2008? Im planning to upgrade (downgrade? :slight_smile: ) soon, but i need to know that everything will work flawlessly and smooth when using Cubase Pro 10

When i look at the specs, a new iMac beats my Mac Pro 2008 hands down - unless there is something i’m missing?

This is my Mac Pro 2008 specs : 2,8 GHz Xeon Quad core, 2TB HDD, 2xCPU’s and 14GB RAM/memory.

The new iMac I’m looking at : 3,6 Intel core i9 prosessor, 32GB memory, 1TB SSD hard drive.,1-ghz-sekskjerners-prosessor-med-turbo-boost-opptil-4,3-ghz-1tb

Looks like a monster compared to my old Mac Pro :slight_smile:

I have also been looking at a new iMac Pro, but is a bit too pricey …

Oki, let me know. I really need some advices here :slight_smile: I really hate … as we say here in Norway … to buy “katta i sekken” :wink: Translated : “being very disappointed with a purchase” or “throwing the money out of the window”… something like that :slight_smile:

ok, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

iMac looks like a really powerful product on paper.
And you need not worry about the service quality of the product. It’s Apple. It’s going to be the best.