New Import Tracks From Project - do track quick controls work after import?

I’m on 9.5 here and when I import MIDI tracks with track quick controls from another project, the track quick controls on the newly imported MIDI tracks are non-responsive (don’t respond to my controller, nor to mouse clicks in the inspector). I cannot use them until I close and re-open the current project. After closing and re-opening the project, the track controls on those tracks work fine.

Has this been fixed in 10.5?


What is the output of the MIDI Track? Is it a hardware synth? Or are they connected to a Virtual Instrument? What do you control exactly by the Quick Control?

Hi Martin.

The MIDI tracks are all routed to Kontakt. I use track quick controls to control relevant MIDI CC’s for that instrument in Kontakt. So it’s all MIDI CC’s (no host automation).

I carefully created these track quick controls for every single MIDI track (instrument) in my template, so it’s important for me that I can use them right away after importing these MIDI tracks from another project.


I can reproduce it now. This has not been fixed. Still an issue in C10.5.