New in cubase

i used to sony acid, but i prefer to use cubase because of widespread. I buy m audio axiom 49 midi, and i have nexus 2. So far ı haven’t maneged to hear anything. In other forums i learned these: Install the nexus in cubase folder (Which folder? what is its extension) with all date samples…And when i open the cubase, the nexus will open by itself? or is there any button to open it? how could i tackle with it?


Regarding the installation, if you are on Mac, you don’t have to take care about it. All plug-ins are installed to the pre-defined folder. If you are on Windows, take care where the plug-in is installed while installation. Then set Cubase to scan this folder (in the Plug-in Manager).

To use Nexus, add an Instrument Track.

I installed nexus 2 in same directory with cubase. i opened vst insturment, added nexus. but i don’t have any voice. below i uploaded a pic about it. do i manage to send a signal to computer? if yes what is my fault?

now i see the left upper “audio outputs not connected”. i use headphone, but maybe i have to do some adjustment in cubase


This is incomming MIDI signal indicator.

Add an Instrument track. Please, read at least some First steps with Cubase or watch Cubase 7 Quick Start on the official Steinberg YouTube Channel.

when i was writing i am about the give up, i heard midi sounds :slight_smile:… i record my adjustment, then i turned off/on my roland ua-22 and now it is silent again :slight_smile: here is my some device setups. Are there redundant connections do you think, and how can i stabilize it?


Seriously, please watch the Quick Start videos. All of these basic stuff are explained there.

UA-22 is an Audio Device, right? 1st of all, you have to switch the Audio Interface first and then Cubase. To select Audio Device you want to use, open Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, and select the ASIO driver. Then check (or set if necessary) VST Conmections.

thanks for interest, i have always failures :frowning: but it is the only way to learn i think :slight_smile: I want to play the direct waves with midi but i can’t…According to my search is it same with autotone? In fl they named direct wave. my folder extension .ksw, .dwp