New Inspector tab for MIDI/Instrument Tracks: MIDI Parts

Users could drag and drop a folder full of MIDI parts into a ‘Parts’ tab and then either re-drag from there onto the track, and or right-click menu/insert part/list wherever.

Also would be a sub-tab for currently used parts/events on the track for the current track version. so a user could be zoomed in somewhere else on the track and quickly and easily find parts they’ve already created to re-use.

Much like media bay, the MIDI will/can playback in time with the project to audition it. This would trigger whatever the MIDI track is being sent to, VSTi.

The benefit to this.

-Mainly thinking about how a track is built utilizing mediabay, someone might want to just enmasse drag in a bunch of drum MIDI loops from a sub-folder of a sub-folder of a subfolder in MediaBay, they could drag in a sub-folder in entirety right into ‘Track Parts’ for say drums. But then they might want to search through MediaBay for Piano/Keys MIDI loops so they lose their folder location for the drums, and so on. It allows user to build a loop library per track to work with quickly.

The other benefit, is if these parts could saved with track presets (and of coarse, these parts on tracks would save into project Templates as well) giving a user access to some quick starting points right from the track inspector that pertain to each trackpreset type - kick drum track, snare track, bass track etc, could all have their own instrument specific parts saved into the track presets