New Install 7.5: Help Menu does not find Documents


I installed 7.5 (full install from ISO) and help menu cannot find the documents.

Documents folder is in C/Progam Files/Cubase 7.5 folder and the helpdocuments.xml file is there also (read in the documents folder)
Can someone give the correct path where either the xml or the docs folder needs to be installed for the help menu to find them.

Windows 7 SP1. Thanks.

The answer has been posted on the forum loads of time , your PDF reader is corrupt ,you need to re-install or use a different version to be able to read the documentation and help tab

My pdf reader is fine. I’m not sure what you are referring to. I can read PDF docs with no issue.

The path that the documents reside in seems to be wrong. The help menu does not see the xml. file.

Thank you for the response.

How about this?