New install, but can't export project to wav/mp3

Hi there,

Big help needed please. I installed LE again after a period of not using it. I recorded a piece that i wanted to export to a wav file, but it will not export the whole project - meaning it will save it as 1kb or something equally silly with no data!

There are no errors codes, i highlight the needed data before exporting… help please!

Many thanks


Are the Locators backwards?

They are pointed towards each other, which i assume is right as i tried it the other way and got an error :frowning:

Can’t recall if LE has realtime export. If so, try it. Which flavor of LE, BTW?

Just LE v.1 i think, many thanks for any help!

Just checking, but you have actually set the L/R locators to the start and end of the project you want to export?

Highlighting the parts won’t work!

Split, yes, set them so they are pointing toward each other.