New install of LE5 on Win 10; Templates, File location, Device setup and more

In a nutshell, new laptop and Cubase LE5 isn’t behaving like on the old laptop (also Win 10).

  1. Templates

On creating a new project, Cubase doesn’t show any new templates I create, nor the templates I’ve transferred across to the expected folder. Searching Windows Explorer for the new template filename shows no new .CRP file

  1. File location

I may have forgotten how, but the path to the folder containing all my projects used to be something I didn’t have to navigate to. I can’t find a way of designating the file location for projects

Device Setup.
When I open old projects, or open Cubase for a new projects, it defaults to the ASIO Direct-X driver in the VST Audio System instead of remembering my Audio interface. On my old laptop, so long as the interface was already active as the Sound Device in Windows, Cubase’s Device Setup didn’t need to be told so that the inputs mapped properly

I’m fearing that my relocated presets won’t be seen, or remembered by this install, and that other problems will arise… What’s gone on? How do I fix this? (FWIW, the old laptop was a Win 7 installation initially, and only migrated to Win 10 after the incompatibility issues were solved. I am now using a fresh install from the OEM CD-ROM that came with my Zoom interface).