New installl after replacing broken hd (solved)

I had to replace my broken hd with a new one.
All my Steinberg progs were installed there. When I try to install the progs (cubase, Halion) I get the massage that its already installed.
Do I need to clean the regestry or is there an easier way to instal

Please help me out.



Did you install a clean system to the new drive? Or how does Windows appear there?

Thanks Martin for the response

It is not my system drive i 'd replace but a second one where i had installed my programs like Cubase.
When trying to install to my new drive i get the message that it cannot find the correct path because its referring to an older install wich was on my defected hd.
As far as i now it is because of the registry wich means that i have to delete all the entries regarding steinberg products.
This will take a lot of time.
So is there an easier way to do a clean install ?


It’s not officially supported to install Cubase for other then system © drive.

Can you install from the Full Installer?

problem solved, deleted all registry entries.
Installed Cubase on my new local drive (D) all is working now.

Thanks Martin for replying.



I’m glad it works too you. But as I said, it’s not supported to install Cubase to other then system drive. It happens some users, they came update in this case.